16 ways to earn money on Siva

Sell products and services


Sell your artworks. We’ll handle the transactions, printing, shipping, and customer service.


Sell t-shirts, handmade goods, art, craft Supplies, merchandise, or any other product that requires shipping.


Offer photography, web design, plumbing, marketing, modelling, accounting and more.

Sell products and services - siva

Sell content and subscriptions

Digital Downloads

Sell eBooks, photo sets, presets, PDF’s, recipes, courses, templates and more.

Licence Photos

Sell & license your photos, artworks, illustrations, vectors, icons and more.

Subscription Accounts

Offer exclusive content and charge your fans on a monthly or yearly basis.

Membership Accounts

Sell memberships for your local business, events, revolutions and more.


We make it easy for people to show their appreciation with tips and donations.

Post Tips

Receive tips from your followers for posts. 100% of the payment will go to the creator.

Connect personally

Custom Offers

Sell 1:1 video calls, provide advice, give shoutouts or create completely custom interactions for your followers.

1:1 Virtual Hangouts

Offer 1:1 Zoom Hangouts, coffee dates, Q&A sessions and coaching to your followers.

Personal Video Calls

Offer live video calls, birthday wishes, business advice and so much more to your followers.

Video Messages

Offer pre-recorded birthday wishes and motivational talks to your followers and their loved ones.

Digital downloads-Siva

More creative ways

Earn money from likes

Superlike is a way to give and receive real money rewards. It’s like likes, but better: you can use it to reward posts that you like.

Each time a pro member likes a post, the creator receives $0.006. Creator could earn over $100 just for posting a picture!

Revenue share

Siva will split the revenue from the ads with our creators. We will take a cut of 55% of the ad revenue generated from the feed.

The remaining 45% will be split among the creators.

Earn commission

You’ll receive 2% of what your referrals earn for the first 12 months of their account.

The referral income you earn is processed at the beginning of every month.